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The Berry Nutty Farm is an all-American small business that began like this:

            One afternoon Darrell tried a jar of Andrea's Granny's homemade Strawberry Preserves.  Darrell liked the preserves so much, he asked Andrea to bring back one of the jars of Strawberry Preserves just for him the next time that she visited home. Instead of using the last remaining supply of Granny’s preserves, Andrea decided to try to make them herself. Once Darrell had taste tested one batch of Andreas version of Strawberry Preserves and Apple Butter, he started having his friends try them as well. Suddenly, Darrells friends started stealing the Apple Butter, and then asked after being caught stealing to place orders for the Apple Butter. At that point, Darrell and Andrea felt that everyone needs the ability to have a taste of Grannys Apple Butter.

            Andrea's inspiration to make jam started as a little girl, while she watched her Grandfather successfully run a small town grocery store in Missouri. Andrea always told her Grandfather that one day she would be his Kitchen Chef. Now instead of being Grandpas Kitchen Chef, she has paired with Darrell as a business partner with The Berry Nutty Farm.  The Berry Nutty Farm is a perfect mixture of both Andrea and Darrell's passions in life. Darrell brings the art of business and marketing, along with his love for horticulture. Andrea has a zeal for cooking and design, and also has an extensive knowledge of horticulture.  The Berry Nutty Farm took recipes from both Andreas Grandmothers and one from Darrells Grandmother to begin the adventures of making delicious jars of jam and fruit butters.  This keeps some of the best traditional tasting foods in today's modern world.

            When The Berry Nutty Farm talks about traditional tasting jam and fruit butter in a modern world we are talking about leaving additives and preservatives out of our recipes.  Our Grandmothers had the correct concept of maintaining a natural product with an intense robust flavor, and we are continuing those traditions.

Many new traditions have started amongst our customers by giving gifts of The Berry Nutty Farm jam and fruit butter to their friends and family for not just special occasions. The occasions have been from backyard BBQ, wedding receptions, Christmas presents from coast to coast, and family dinner. Jam and fruit butter are no longer just a breakfast staple, but with The Berry Nutty Farm Cookbook Over 101 Unexpected Cooking Delights you can build many wonderful recipes to amaze friends and family.

            The Berry Nutty Farm supports local community and USA businesses. This is displayed in our decision to use American made Ball/Kerr mason jar. In our business, we make it our policy to continue to buy locally.  The Berry Nutty Farm continues on giving back to the community by supporting local businesses, playing a role in the growth of various FFA chapters, college internships, donating product to food pantries, and other community events as that may arise.

            Eventually, The Berry Nutty Farm has goals to purchase a farm to grow their own produce to become greener and to eliminate some of the carbon footprint that we all impress on the earth.  For the time being, The Berry Nutty Farm purchases their fruits from local farmers and stores.   To this end we also will use recycled Ball/Kerr jars previous customers have returned to us whenever possible, so dont be alarmed if the jars themselves look a little different each time you order.

We are growing and new company with lots of things to come so check back often for changes and new products.  Look for us on Facebook under The Berry Nutty Farm.

Remember: life is short so have fun, enjoy natures sweetness, and be nutty too.

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