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Signature Jams

These products are private blends of in house creations that have gotten rave reviews by even the hard to please.

American Picnic Jam
We get the best strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries pick at their peak. Ripe. Juicy. Bursting with flavor. Which means pretty much all we have to do is smash them up, cook them down and put them in a jar. So grab a spoon, and enjoy the fireworks.
Bottom of the Barrel Jam
Like a perfect summer day. Only in a jar.
Dueling Berries Jam
You know how some combinations just seem to bring out the best in each other? Well, when we put blackberry and raspberry together, they came out swinging. With a fistful of flavor. Delivered straight to your face.
Road Trip Jam
Just a spoonful will take on a flavor tour of roadside fruit stands around the country. With tantalizing strawberry, peach, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry to delight the senses, warm the soul an spread on toast. So enjoy the trip.
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